Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!!

What a way to celebrate my blog's 1st day, coincided with my 34th birthday (Sept 15)...

No party, just a dinner with my lovely wife Cha. We went to Bonifacio High Street at The Fort, Taguig to look for a nice place to dine. Birthday celebrations only happen once a year so we better look for a place where we don't ordinarily dine in. We first went to Clawdaddy, looked at the menu and internalized, hehehe. Walked a little more, passed by Italliani's and Brother's Burger but decided to go back to Clawdaddy since we haven't tried that resto yet.

Of course we have to take some pictures, it's my birthday.

Since it's our first time at Clawdaddy, we had a hard time choosing what to order. So we ordered the common menu just to be sure we enjoy what we eat. We ordered Smoked Baby Back Ribs (half ) with Coleslaw and Fries as sidedishes, and Shrimps Etouffee (this I don't know to pronounce and just pointed it to the waiter, haha).
Free appetizer, as if I needed one. Grilled corn? Smoked Baby Back Ribs (half). Sorry was not able to take a good shot of the rib. Was really hungry and can no longer think right, haha. The rib looks small just because of the angle of the shot. The serving size is good enough for us. I am not an expert food critique but I know what tastes good or not. The taste is okay, nothing extraordinary but still it's delicious.
Shrimps Etouffee: Shrimps, Linguini, and Creole Ettouffee Cream Sauce.
For long life... It was superb, i liked it. My new favorite pasta, of course second only to Pesto. The serving size is more than enough for us. We were so full and could no longer finish it.
Maybe you'll ask, why no crabs in Clawdaddy? I love to eat crabs but not in this place, too pricey. I can eat more at Dampa, (ooops... off-topic, will share next time i go there).

A meal is not complete without a dessert.

Happy Birthday to me!!!

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