Saturday, January 15, 2011

Subic International Marathon

Subic International Marathon
January 09, 2011

I made it, my first 21k!!!  My first 21k and the most difficult route I've run so far.  It was a great challenge to join the 21k race and at the same time unfamiliar with the course.  If it have been in BGC, I may not feel the same way I felt during the race.  I almost died at most of the uphill part of the route, and there were lots.

It was my first time to run where there was not much people behind me. Unlike the past races I've joined where there were still a big percentage of the runners behind me.  So just to boost my morale and finish the race, I just said to myself that most of the participants are military men and the police. So I expect them to be fast and they ran in groups chanting. To my heart's content, I did pass some policemen participants along the route :-) .

But that's not the best part yet.  When I was I think at my 6th kilometer, the leader of the pack, a Filipino, is already heading back towards the finish line, deym!!! Guess what, his time was... 01:10:17.  Deym, faster than my fastest 10k, haha!!! The female winner, a Kenyan, finished the race at 01:28:58. I haven't reached the halfway point and they are already at the finish line!!! 

So how long did it take me to finish the race?  A gruelling 03:28:23 huh!!! I was alone running, forgot my iPhone at Ryan's car.  But I think it did not matter as since I enjoyed the scenery, the trees, despite the exhaustion.

Looking forward to next year's Subic International Marathon.  Hope to do better next time and beat my record there.

I was with Cha and her parents and we arrived at Subic on January 08.  Some of our friends were also there, Ryan, Len, and Jhad. We had our lunch at Meat Plus then went around the shops.  We then had our dinner at Vasco's Bar & Grill.  The food and price was just fine. The servings, LARGE...

Vasco's Bar &Grill

Len, Jhad, and Ryan




We stayed at the Subic Park Hotel.  The room was ok, but I had a hard time sleeping the night before the race.  The music at Pier One was so loud because of the partey partey that weekend.  Weird thing is that the aircon is located at the upper portion of the wall and no remote control available.  You have to use a chair to access the switch.

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  2. congratulations! i guess... your next step now is a full marathon. :)

  3. thanks, done with my 42k last march TBR 2011

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