Sunday, October 18, 2009


It's been a while when I last wrote here. Typhoon Ondoy greatly affected a lot of people. I was saved and was not affected by the floods and power interruption but gave a lot of time for activities in relation with Pareng Ondoy. As if my life paused for a while and concentrated with Ondoy activities. Now Ondoy is over yet left us with a lot to work with. As they say, let's move on. But before I move on, I just would like to share some picures I took when we were at the SM Hypermarket waiting for the rain to stop on that fateful day.
SM Hypermarket Basement Parking

Along C5

Banca along C5 road?

So here it is, some of my activities before Ondoy came over and brought heavy rains. A month's worth of rain in 6 hours? Ok, enough of Ondoy... Too much publicity.

Cha and I went to Eastwood last Sept 21 to watch the much talked about movie with John Lloyd, Luis, and Ate Vi "In My Life."  The drama was good, acting great.  I can relate to this movie...  I'm not gay (no offense meant to my gay friends), it's what's happening with the family where I can relate most. Missed my parents who are in Chicago, cried buckets of tears... crybaby.  It's been almost 8 years since we last saw each other. They even were not around when I got married... sigh...  Cha made fun of me since my eyes were swollen.

Eastwood is a good place to hang out at night. There was a show of water dancing with the music so I took some shots first.

We then went to The Flying Pig (what a name for a resto) but there were very few choices.  There was no delivery that day so they had limited stocks.  So we went inside the Eastwood Mall and saw MOMO Cafe.  The interior looked cozy so we decided to try it.  It was a nice place... cozy, relaxing, and i liked the music.  They were playing Michael Jakcson songs (the slower songs, no Thriller) and can't help but sing along, hehehe...

Browsed the menu and was surprised with the affordable prices.

We were served with bread as starter.  The dip was delicious, cheese pimiento.  But of course no one beats my Mom's Cheese Pimiento (supported us through high school with this and other stuff, long story...).

What a BASO!!!

Forgot what we ordered but if I remember it right, it costs around P350.  Not bad for 2 people and the serving is good enough for us.  We were satisfied with the food and no regrets.

MOMO Cafe is located at the ground floor of the Eastwood Mall, try it...

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