Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ye Dang Korean Resto

We were craving for some Korean dish last Oct 11 and we thought of Sigol Korean Restaurant in Noveleta, Cavite.  Last time we ate there was when I was still with Emerson and with our HR bosses and other HR Managers.  That was what, more than 2 years ago? We will definitely eat there again one of these days...

So we settled with Ye Dang Korean Resto along Meralco Ave just before the Metrowalk if you're from J. Vargas.  The food was ok and we were satisfied.  There were too many appetizers, was thinking not to order the main course, haha.
Kimchi and others

Again, i forgot what we ordered but it was pork where it was best if wrapped with lettuce and the some paste like our bagoong.  No lettuce served that time because the prices were higher than usual because of the typhoon so we were served with the Sesame leaf.  Didn't like it so ate the pork with rice instead.

Sesame leaf

Pork belly

I like the Chapchae (sounds like) so I order it whenever we eat a Korean Resto.

What's cool with this resto is that robots are doing the cooking, haha...

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