Friday, December 18, 2009

Makiling Nature Run

December 13, 2009

My first 5km run, Makiling Nature Run at UP Los Banos (my Alma Mater).  I ran with my brothers Dan Emil and Dan Erik.  It was challenging as we passed two uphill routes going to Faculty and Infirmary.

The Resort Hotel

We arrived in Los Banos around past 11pm (Dec 12) since I came from the wedding of Corrie where I am one of the "Ninongs."  But that's ok rather than wake up at 3 in the morning and drive all the way to LB just to be there by 6am.  We stayed at the City of Springs Resort Hotel at the heart of the town of Los Banos.  We booked at the Victoria Lodge and would you believe, the price is at P930 per room for 4 people.  It's a great deal since the purpose of the stay is to rest before the Run and a place for us to shower afterwards.  The room has 2 single beds, airconditioned, and no TV (who needs TV when you're dead tired).

The Run

I am very proud to finish the 5km run with unofficial time of 41:47.  It was my first time to run at 5km and with uphill routes.  I know I can finish it but of course had some doubts before the run.  The Dizon brothers in full force to conquer the Makiling Naure Run! Nice to hear as if we won the race, haha.  At last, the singlet fits me right, yes! My goal is to fit in the Timex, Fit 'n Right, and Philstar Celebrity Run Singlets.

This guy inspired me. If he can do it, then I can too. To think, he ran 10km against mine of only 5km.
At the finish line, what the...

The Reward

Of course, we have to reward ourselves.  Bulalo at Aviles Restaurant in Calamba, the best! It was all worth it... I can run 10km more, next time...

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