Monday, October 25, 2010

TBR Dream Marathon Training: Week 1

TBR Dream Marathon
Week 1 Training
Oct 18-24, 2010

Week 1 training is all about walking.  As Coach Jim Lafferty wrote, "we must ask your body, in GRADUAL INCREMENTS, to do more than it has done before, such that in the 48 hours post-exercise the body will undergo changes on a cellular level so that next time you can do it better." I really have to follow this training plan if I want to finish the full marathon.

I walked for 30 minutes last Oct 18 and 21 as planned.  It was a great walk and I was proud of myself starting it right and eventually finish the full marathon.  I was surprised a 30 minute walk could produce so much sweat.  My pacing was fast with longer stride. In my mind, I want to go faster and farther even while walking and was happy with what I accomplished so far in that two-day 30-minute walk.

Then came the weekend where we had our 1st Bull Session last October 23 at Boni High Street which is also open to the public.  There I learned that what I did for the past 2 walking days was wrong! The session was about Chi Walking given by Lit Onrubia.  There we were taught how to walk correctly and efficiently.  The right posture, alignment, stride distance, etc.  This can also be used not only in marathons but also in your everyday walk.

Walking is a very important part of our training as we will be doing the run/walk technique.  This will help us relax and recover our running muscles and respiratory system while walking.  Without the proper walking technique, only our respiratory system may recover but not our muscles.  After the talk, we then had our long run of 45 minutes as prescribed in our training program.  We applied what we learned and it really made an impact with the way I walk.  I did not feel any pain unlike the time I did my 30 minute walk earlier that week.

The session was really helpful and will go a long long way when I stand before the starting line to finish my first ever full marathon.  Thanks to Jaymie and Lit for giving us this lecture, giving me the opportunity to correct the mistakes I've done last week.

Thanks also to my Red Ribbon Running/Walking buddies Nanette Abreu, Sheila Alon, Dindin Ferrer, Ronald Abad, and Ronald Ganiban.  It was a pleasure walking with you around BHS.

See you next week!!!

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